1. Board Meeting

To ensure the meeting is properly prepared with meeting’s files, documentations, venue, rsvp, invitations and other relevant matters.

  1. Board Members

To assist and manage all matters regarding board members such as prepare the monthly allowance for board members

  1. MDA’s Website

 To organize and manage the Medical Device Authority (MDA) website with certain matters such as information checking, updates and manage basic ICT tasks.

  1. Office administration

To manage the fundamental matters related to Corporate Communication Unit (CCU) such as handling  meetings, documentations, memo preparation, communication with other agencies, ministry, establishments, industries, and users.

  1. Parliament Coordinator

To coordinate communication between Ministry of Health (MOH) parliament unit and Medical Device Authority (MDA) to ensure any Medical Device issues that was raised during parliament session was given the necessary feedback.

  1. Annual Report Coordinator

Act as a secretariat and coordinate with all units to ensure the annual report is published and circulated within the deadline set by Ministry of Health (MOH)

  1. SISPAA Coordinator (Ministry of Health Customers Complaints Systems)

Manage various kinds of feedback received from the public related to Medical Device complaints, appreciations, inquiry and suggestions and ensure all feedbacks are replied within the deadline.

  1. FEMES Coordinator (MDA Customers Complaints systems)

Manage various kinds of feedback received from the public that includes complaints, appreciations, inquiry, and suggestions and make sure that all the feedbacks are accomplish replied within the period given.

  1. Customer’s complaints via email

To coordinate, manage and record any inbox/complaints received by public from MDA official emails. In the other hand, we will identified relevant officer based on the complaints to give the feedback. We are also helps other officers to publish a report regarding on Customer Satisfaction Survey

  1. Event Management

Organize events such as Awareness Programs, seminars and trainings. CCU also assists in other unit events in terms of protocol and logistics

  1. Publishing

Publish various kinds of tangible material such as brochure, poster, and annual reports for the purpose of promotion of MDA.  Beside this, Corporate Communication Unit (CCU) also assists in terms of administrative and writing services and others that are relevant.

  1. Customer Satisfaction Survey

CCU will conduct Customer Satisfaction Survey twice annually in order to improve MDA’s services to its customers.

  1. Electronic media management

To help promoting MDA’s events and deliver the objective to the public via radio or television.

  1. Social Media

To help disseminate update information regarding events, programs, training, announcement, festival season and many more that are required by the MDA’s Facebook page.