This unit has the principal mission of providing high quality legal advisory service to the Authority with the paramount objective of protecting and safeguarding public health.

This unit endeavours to use all available legal means to fulfil its obligations by focusing on the following objectives:

  1. Provide legal advice, opinions and guidance to the Members of the Authority, the Chief Executive Officer, and all other officers and servants of the Authority, or to any other body as directed by the Chief Executive Officer.
  2. Advise the Authority on matters pertaining to all legislation and policies, including but not limited to the Medical Device Act 2012 (Act 737), the Medical Device Authority Act 2012 (Act 738), Statutes, Rules and Regulations made there under government circulars and all other administrative directives governing the Authority, to ensure compliance with the Authority’s policies and statutory requirements.
  3. Draft or peruse, vet and finalise legal documents and advise on all legal issues pertaining to contractual and non-contractual obligations entered by the Authority.
  4. Instruct and assist the authority’s panel of lawyers in lawsuits filed against or on behalf of the Authority.
  5. Initiate and assist prosecution in the event of statutory noncompliance as the case may be.