Introduction to Integrity Unit of Medical Device Authority (MDA)

The Integrity Unit of Medical Device Authority (MDA) was establish according to Service Circular Number 6 Year 2013 by Civil Service Department (JPA) aims to regulate and strengthening the morals and integrities of all the staffs and officers in MDA and also to act as a focal point in managing of the issues relate to integrities within the public service. This unit was also established as internal efforts to monitor and manage issues which are regards to the MDA.

Functions of Integrity Unit

The six (6) main functions and roles of the Unit are as follows:

  1. Administrative Management
    - Planning, managing and do all the programs to enhance and ensure the best of good governance practices implemented;
  2. Consolidation of Integrity
    - MPlanning, managing and ensure all the programs implemented are following the good cultures and institutions of best integrities within MDA;
  3. Detection and Authentication
    1. To detect and confirm the complaints about misconduct, any activities against the good etiquette and also all crime activities must be taken further actions.
    2. To lodge a report on any crimes activities within MDA to the authorities.
  4. Complaint Management
    - To receive and take actions to all complaint/information regarding misconduct activities, crime activities and violation of good etiquettes.
  5. Compliance
    - Planning programs related to compliance monitoring such as internal examinations and spot check regarding property and assets, financial records and others to make sure all the daily tasks are comply with the regulations and follows procedures.
  6. Disciplinary Actions
    - Implementing and presence as the secretary of MDA Disciplinary Board and Appeal Board.


Integriti mda en

This Unit is placed and supervised under the MDA Chief Executive Offices and lead by one (1) Executive Officer (Grade N29).

Classification of Integrity Collisions




·      Takes and asks for bribes


·      Having illegal affair between man and woman and disturbing others;

·      Absents and cannot be detected;

·      Serious indebtedness and borrows from Money Launder;

·      Abuse of drugs;

·      Missing in action/ not located at the workplaces;

·      Make false claims;

·      Fakes sick leave certificates (MC);

·      Used of bad and cursed words to others;

·      Make a media statement without permissions;

·      Selling/consulting insurances, take part in multi-level marketing during office hours;

·      Accidents by using official vehicle of the department;

·      To overseas without approvals, receive sponsorships without approval from Chief Executive or Head Department.